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FROM SUCCESS TO FUTURE Coroplast: How it all began

For over 90 years our company represents innovation and growth. By now Coroplast owns subsidiaries and production facilities on four different continents as well as service centers all around the world. Over 5,700 employees generate a yearly turnover of 500 million euros. But where and how did it all first start? And since when does Coroplast produce in Poland? Get to know more about the history of our engagement in Poland and the development of our company in general.

1994: Our start in Poland

In 1994, Coroplast first ventures abroad and founds the subsidiary Coroplast sp. zo.o. Dylaki Poland. Coroplast begins by manufacturing cable assemblies on the former premises of a textiles factory close to the Upper Silesian town of Opole. In 1997 over 800 people were employed already.

With the opening of a second facility in Krapkowice, in 1998, Coroplast clearly expands its presence in the Polish marketplace. The high standards of quality are also of major importance in Poland, which is proven by the various certifications of the international organization for standardization: ISO 9002 (1996), ISO 9001 and QS 9000 (1998) and VDA 6.1 (1999).

Night view of Coroplast plant in Strzelce Opolskie from distance

Since 2000: Growth & new customers

After the turn of the millennium, Coroplast keeps growing and developing in Poland. The number of employees working at two locations increased from 2,000 employees in 2003 to 3,100 within the next five years. With the continuous expansion and further  certifications, the Polish facilities attracted valuable clients. Porsche joined in 2009, followed by Bosch (2010) and ZF Friedrichshafen AG (2012).

In 2014 Coroplast opens a third facility in Strzelce Opolskie, Poland, which leads to enhanced production possibilities. With a manufacturing area of approximately 11,000 m2, the company is well prepared for future business services in Poland.

The corporate history of Coroplast

The history of Coroplast begins with the founding of the company „ Fritz Müller Elektroisoliermaterial “ in 1928 in Wuppertal. The young business overcomes the global economic crisis and is PVC’s first user in Germany, until the plant is destroyed by several bombs in 1943.

The restart follows quickly after the war. The company changes its name to Coroplast, as it is a time of change and transformation. In 1976, Dr. Kurt Müller, nephew of founder Fritz Müller, is named managing director of the company. He was leading the company for 30 years and gave the business a very special character.

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