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Coroplast management team in Poland

At the end of August we hosted visitors from the Coroplast headquarters in Wuppertal: Natalie Mekelburger, Chairwoman of the Board of Management, and Torben Kämmerer, Managing Director of the Cable Assemblies business unit, paid a two-day visit to our location in Strzelce Opolskie. The primary reason for their visit was to present the current state of progress on the new production plant and discuss the challenges being faced in automating the production facilities. 
Corporate management visiting Coroplast Strzelce Opolski

Torben Kämmerer, Adrian Król, Witold Sobala, Piotr Pers, Leonard Blach, Natalie Mekelburger, Tomasz Wotliński, Michał Lubik, Mirosław Kuś, Volkan Gülenc, Marcin Marzec, Marek Piszczek and Ludmiła Kulawik

After an extensive tour of the plant, a discussion was held in an open, friendly atmosphere about general expectations in terms of productivity at the new location as well as the automation processes. A further topic of discussion was capacity utilisation and the general use of the new warehouse in Strzelce Opolskie.

Corporate management gathered during visit at Strzelce Opolski plant

Michał Lubik, General Manager of Coroplast Polska, was full of enthusiasm after the visit: “The visit by Natalie Mekelburger and Torben Kämmerer underlines the importance of Coroplast Polska and has provided our entire team with positive impetus. We are very happy to have received their thoroughly encouraging feedback and we will continue to work hard in a spirit of joint motivation.”

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