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COROZEN picks up speed at Coroplast Poland

Coroplast is committed to the same quality worldwide - and we pursue the goal of constantly improving ourselves and our services everywhere. In doing so, we rely on the COROZEN concept, which has its roots in Japanese Kaizen (Kai = change, Zen = for the better) and is specially tailored to our needs. This concept also lives at our Polish location in Strzelce Opolskie.

Eight COROZEN main projects 2019

COROZEN includes a permanent, step-by-step improvement of activities, processes and products by all Coroplast employees - with the aim of ensuring quality and reducing costs.

"We have made COROZEN tangible for our employees in numerous workshops - and together we have developed eight principles that we will adhere to in our daily work from now on." Marcin Marzec, Plant Manager EL in Strzelce Opolskie

Kaizen Trainings

Looking beyond our own horizons and discovering how Kaizen is used by other companies - this was the focus of two training sessions for our Polish COROZEN team. "For us, these were very inspiring and motivating visits. We came back from the two factory visits with many ideas for our own processes," says Marzec.

„We invest a great deal in the education and training of our employees. Only in this way can we really maintain our market position.“
Marcin Marzec (Plant Manager for Cables & Wires)

At the KAIZEN Total Flow Management training at Velux, a Danish manufacturer of roof windows and skylights, the team received interesting incentives about methods for efficient material and information flow in very complex manufacturing processes.

COROZEN Basic training at Geberit, an international manufacturer of sanitary parts: The project team was able to experience at first hand how continuous improvement processes function in one of the largest Geberit plants in Europe.

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